2018 round up: part 1 – Zines

I thought I would sum up my highlights of 2018 and start with zine ones, professional ones can wait until next time.

  • Me and Steve from Salford Zine Library got published in Art Libraries Journal and the article is Open Access, hereDchDmCNWsAEz1qy


  • Northwest Zinefest 2018 was Salford Zine Library’s biggest and best zinefest yet and took place at Partisan Collective this year – we have ironed out a lot of the organisational issues of running a zinefest now, and addressed a lot of the feedback from the past two years. We are hoping to come back even stronger next year, follow us on twitter for updates on this @nwzinefest same name on instagram too and we have a Facebook page somewhere.




  • The zine library has been closed for most of the year but we were included in two incredibly exciting exhibitions. Firstly Processfest which was an OOMK takeover of Somerset House in London and the zine library got a space for a pop up commission which I worked on. It was so amazing to meet so many like-minded people and have interesting discussions about self-publishing across the weekend so I am incredibly grateful that Salford Zine Library were asked to come be a part of the event. OOMK are awesome, you should go and look at all the incredible work they do.


  • There is also a pop-up zine libary as part of the most excellent Represent! Voices 100 Years On exhibition at The People’s History Museum which will continue to Sunday 3rd February 2019 so you have loads of time to go and take a look.


Focuses for 2019: 

  • We are reopening the zine library officially next Spring and hopefully (in my opinion) this will include at least one event to celebrate. All information about Salford Zine Library is on the website and the Zine Library Twitter account.
  • Personally, I would like to do some cataloguing so that the catalogue on the website is more up to date, and I would like to have more conversations about cataloguing zines and the ethical considerations about that. Feel free to tweet me or comment here with your views!
  • I would also like to do a survey of users of the zine library, we don’t often reach out to ask opinions, we tend to let things tick along. I think this is super important, so want to try and do this.