Feminist pedagogy in a library context

This image is perfect but nowhere online seems to credit it right, please get in touch if you know the artist credit! ❤

I identify as an intersectional feminist who works in a library, so when I saw this e-course being run by Maria T. Accardi via the American Library Association (ALA) I felt like this could be really exciting and relevant to me.

I never studied these sorts of topics at university (besides one gendered geographies module I started before dropping out of my second year for other reasons) and so even though I am interested I felt like some directed reading and discussion could be something I would get a lot out of.

I have a history of struggling with e-courses, and not feeling like I can keep up with them, but so far the reading has not been too intense and 2 weeks in, all of it has been open access so far. In the second week there was a choice of reading so if you were really keen, or time rich, you could read all of it, which I did.

As I might be studying a Lis PgDip via distance learning, I felt that this course would be a good way to dip my toes in the waters of e-learning and make sure it is not in fact a terrible idea.

I have in the past felt that discussion didn’t really get off the ground in elearning spaces, but Maria sets us all specific people to respond to, and then also we can respond to other people that we want to. So we know when we post something we will definitely get a response which is heartening.

Anyway I will write more at the end of the course. If you are interested in reading more, there is an article linked below which was part of the first week’s homework. It’s exciting to be learning again!

Maria’s post on Choice 360: Feminist Pedagogy: Changing Lives, Libraries, and the World

I am hoping this course helps me feel more connected with feminism at work, and also with my work at Salford Zine Library which I plan on blogging about soon.


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